How To Grow Cannabis Organically

Do not have such a short or selective memory! Do not believe all the propaganda we have been spoon feed, since early childhood, by many sources. Pot has many positive effects on the individual, as well as, o How To Grow Cannabis Organically
Peggy, Ojai CA

With new legislation every day it would seem, it is very likely that the desire to home-grow your own, will very soon take off. This book tells you just how to go about doing that, for the future, for now….. legally
Greg, Il

Fun, easy and full of so many tips, thanks Jay, yes I can use this. And make money too!
Gail G, CA

I was skeptical at this small booklet at first but after I read it I was amazed at how helpful the tip on growing are. I am now the proud grower of several legal plants. Making a god living-for the 1st time in my life and living healthier from the cannabis oil.
Nice work!
Doug C, Ventura CA

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