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Many existing growers and entrepreneurs considering entry into the world of organic growing are amazed by the size and speed of this growth market. According to industry experts, the global market for organic food and drink reached $28 billion in 2008, and increasing demand in North America alone helped fuel a 10.1 percent increase, as North America overtook Europe as the largest market for organic food and drink. Continued growth is predicted for the global organic food industry and projected to reach a value of $35.7 billion by 2010.

Although entering a new business venture can often be difficult and risky, Getting Started in Organic Gardening for Fun and Profit unlocks a treasure trove of closely guarded secrets that help even the most novice grower plant the seeds of success for their operation. It also delivers tips based on many years of priceless experience and answers the most important questions to help aspiring professionals run a successful business while helping avoid potential pitfalls.

The latest in a series of works that include the bestselling Guide to Cooking With Edible Flowers, which sold over 100,000 copies worldwide, and Grow Yourself Rich, this new book is a testament to the commitment and dedication of the author to educate, inform and help new growers, as well as celebrate the increasing popularity of this healthy lifestyle choice and shun the status quo of corporate chemical farming.

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