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50 million people in the world will go bald this year—don’t be one of them

Three easy steps to curing and preventing hair loss.

By Jay North, famous Beverly Hills hairstylist and technician.

“I have been using Jay’s techniques for preventing hair loss for over 30 years and I can say that they truly work. At age 50 all my relatives are bald or nearly bald and I still have a full head of hair.” –G.K., Santa Barbara, California.

“I was starting to lose my hair, and Jay’s simple instructions saved my life- or at least my ego. My hair is now thicker than it was when I was in my 20’s” –A.W., Kallispell, Montana.

“The simple steps Jay gave me to prevent hair loss and grow thicker hair were truly a miracle for me. I was experiencing rapid hair loss. After only a few weeks I started to notice MAJOR changes and improvements; and now my hair is thicker and shinier then ever (female reader). Thank you, Jay!” –V.B., Ventura, California.

“Jay’s techniques make perfect, scientifically sound conclusions. They are very easy for anyone to do and can make a big difference in anyone keeping their hair. I highly recommend that everyone read How to Cure and Prevent Baldness, by Jay North” — Dr. Epstein, Beverly Hills, California.

“I am the only one in my family who has kept his hair past the age of fifty. I have been applying my own techniques to preventing hair loss over thirty years. I have a full head of hair with practically no gray, and it really is thicker now than when I was considerably younger.” -author Jay North, Ojai, California.

Now you too can experience these same benefits. The program is simple and is guaranteed. If, after 90 days, you don’t notice remarkable improvement in your hair growth, simply return this booklet for a 100% refund– no questions asked.

Jay North is a recognized expert in the field of Hair loss and regeneration. Author of the book Health and Beauty Secrets of the Stars, Jay has toured the country lecturing on hair-loss prevention and beauty secrets for both men and woman for over thirty years.

Now, in this easy to read and apply booklet, you will learn three simple steps to use from this system in the privacy of your own home- without any expensive treatments that can cost several hundreds or even thousands of dollar$.

And best of all- this is not just for people who want to prevent baldness. Picture yourself with fuller thicker hair. Yes, it works for actually thickening men and woman’s hair, and can even help maintain your hair’s natural color.

Learn the three simple secret steps in this fun booklet. Order online right now for only one payment of $4.95 for this Autographed Manuscript Edition. Remember, it’s fully guaranteed for 90 days. Use Pay Pal and download right now! Your reflection in the mirror will be glad you did.

-Jay North

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