Authored by Jay North

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Marijuana, most think of this as either a dear friend, or a dirty word dredged up by your mother during your high school years. Either way it has been a polarizing subject in the past, and such debates continue into the future. Within we will show you how to have this miracle plant work for you; legally, monetarily, and sustainably. With untold years of experience from countless growers, we bring you this beautiful reference work on how to change your life in innumerable ways.

Now many would-be growers are finding a new way of growing a sustainable business in California, Oregon and Washington, as well as many others. Follow Jay’s 4 simple steps in his easy to understand book… “How to Grow Cannabis Organically and Legally.”

Within you will learn…

  • How to grow pot legally and profitably
  • Trade secrets to grow Organic bud easily
  • Free advice on how to develop your market
  • The #1 biggest secret, how to grow the highest quality bud

Plants can be not only your friends, but also your teachers, so put this wonder crop to work for you today!
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