Authored by Jay North

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How to survive a laggard economy!

People all over the world are experiencing rather dramatic shifts in their lives and are losing their self sufficiency; trying to depend on governments and corporations to give them the answers… That’s like trying to ask the Tiger how to lead you out of the jungle! Some folks attribute this to an end times prophesy. Not this writer; I know better. It’s all a game constructed in hopes that you and I won’t know the rules. I aim to show you the background on the game, and who the real players are.

Here within I will teach you how to use the systems own weapons’ against them… If I am small then they are big. If I am ugly and they are beautiful, then I will use them as a diversion, and quietly take back the high ground. Your loss can be your own gain… Within the yin, you can find the yang, what I mean is, within every evil, good can be found, and harnessed to your advantage, that is what the strong must do to survive during trying times. Yet without these circumstances, opportunities for personal growth are astronomical, and the recreation of yourself, can be a powerful thing. Since change is the only constant we must allow the river to flow where it wants, and have the most fun on that beautiful ride known as life!

Especially in the USA and Europe, the hard-working middle class are finding themselves, their families and friends living a whole different life style than just a few years ago, no longer middle class. Many families either now homeless or facing homelessness feel lost, confused and mad as hell. Well, they should be mad as hell. If there ever was such a thing as victimhood there is now, and big business, banking, oil, insurance companies and the pharmaceuticals are to blame and are, of course, backed by big government. This is no accident folks. This economy has been created and not with benevolent intentions. Recognize that what you may be experiencing is not your fault; there is absolutely nothing wrong with your character. Unless you did something especially wrong, you are a victim of unscrupulous men and women who created the disaster we are in. But now even their money will become worthless. Later in this report I will cover more deeply who is to blame and lay out the details on how the new economy is being created, who it will serve, and who it has harmed.

You will also learn how to overcome this created finical depression and how to rise above it.

You can and will not only survive, but thrive!

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