Walter's Big Adventure

Authored by Walter North he’s the dog
Authored with Jay North he’s the person typing

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Most people wouldn’t believe that a family pet could inspire a string of words long enough to create a novel. Outside of lassie, and homeward bound, most would be left wondering how a dog could be a heroine, let alone change anyone’s entire life.

Well within this short novel we aim to show you just how such a dog exists, and how he has done just that. Some think that the limit of their pets abilities lie in silly cat videos found on YouTube… Not “our dog”, “our dog” is a one of a kind pet…

Most owners take their pets for a walk, but in our lives, our dog walks us. With “our dog” we can hear every word he says loud and clear. He’s a hell of a story teller and an invaluable friend. Within lies the journey of a Dog, a father, and his son, and a bond that will last beyond any of their lives separately. A bond rooted long before their lives began and will last long after they die. Friendship is eternal, and this book will show you why.

Here’s an excerpt from our favorite companion himself…

“He likes to tell the story of how we met and that I named myself-Walter. It’s true my dad can hear me when I speak to him. Even when I’m too tired to go for “walkies”, he hears me tell him, “No, Daddy, I just want to lay on the grass in the shade today.”

If you have ever owned a pet, this book will help you relate to them in an epic new light, and if you have not, then this book may just inspire a Walter adventure of your own!

Walter’s Big Adventure By Jay North as dictated by Walter! Walter’s Big Adventure Illustrators, Art work by Anna Karakalou and Krystal Coomler
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