Listenathon of Jay’s Latest Audiobooks PLUS A Readalong Movie Package of Oshkosh

in Mp3. Download to listen on your device, or play in your browser.


This is going to be so cozy! What a deal. 6 Audiobooks


Walter’s Big Adventure — About one hour. What a joy.

Meet the Earth People —  About one hour. What a ride.

I am Bear Watcher Watching Bear Watching Me — 15 mintues. What a view.

From the Land of Oshkosh, Tiny Red Lou and Baby Blue Blob Arrive — 35 minutes. What a journey.

Open Spaces: My Life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief — About 4 hours . What a memorable time.

100 Simple Steps to Perfect Health and Spiritual Fulfillment — 35 minutes. What an insight.


And the Oshkosh Children’s Readalong Package, with ebooks, video, mp4. Full color original illustrations!


With love, Jay, who is fundraising for pursuit of care and health.

Photo of Jay North



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