Spirit Filled Prayers and Affirmations: The ProcessAuthored by Jay North


Jay North, aka J. Mountain Chief, his adopted name from Leonard J. Mountain Chief; Blackfeet Elder from Northwest Montana. Leonard, Jay’s beloved mentor and adopted father, was instrumental in guiding Jay to the full and complete unfoldment of his soul, a gift Jay hopes to impart to his readers through this inspirational booklet of positive thoughts and actions.

Jay came to planet Earth to experience as much as a spiritual being possibly could. His experiences, from bumpy chaos to world shattering excitement, will lead the reader through their own challenges-no matter how seemingly impossible. Through Spirit, or God, or however one labels the Infinite Intelligence; possibilities are limitless and Creator always has our best interest in mind-even though it may not appear so at the time.

This booklet is a companion manuscript to Grow Yourself Rich and Create The Life You Have Always Dreamt About. Jay is a native metaphysician who believes deeply in the principles you are about to read here. Enjoy them, use them and create the life you most dearly want.

Fact is, today people do not need a dead end job, but a way to express their divine talents and live a life of prosperity in love, peace, and joy.

Jay North has read well over 1500 books on metaphysics, religion, spatiality, new thought paradigms, personal growth and higher consciousness (mind) expansion. He has attended hundreds of seminars nationwide, and studied under a dozen mentors and teachers. Jay has traveled the county from coast to coast aiding those in need of particular healing and has spoken many times on the value of living a positive organic life style.

What this booklet, along with Grow Yourself Rich, Create The Life You Have Always Dreamt About, Open Spaces My Life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief and The Gift Of Touch, promises, when applied fully and completely, is a grand and glorious life of oneness with the Great Creator in Love, Peace, and Joy.

What it does not promise is a bed of roses overnight. Although miracles happen every day, we still experience opportunities as challenges to wade through the maze of the mind and come out transformed.

May your journey be one of joy, ease, and glory. Never forget this is all just one big game and always – SMILE.



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