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Your body and your taste buds will love the chemical-free treats you can grow in your own windowsill. Getting started is easy and inexpensive. Jay takes you step-by-step in this new book.

Millions of people in major cities all over the world love to cook with fresh organic vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and fresh raw sprouts. Many of them would love to grow their own and eat them right out of the garden. They would, if they only had the land, warm weather year round, and didn’t have to pull weeds.

People from every major city in the United States – and even from other countries – tell me: “Jay, I would love to have my own garden, but I have no yard or access to land for gardening.”

Not to worry. You don’t have to have dirt in your back yard to grow your own veggies. I’ll walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to grow your own goodies indoors, in your own house, condo, apartment or flat.

You can enjoy fresh produce – and it doesn’t take land!

It doesn’t take land to grow! No, it takes only a windowsill and a love of growing and nurturing. I’m going show you methods for growing all of your favorite vegetables, herbs, and flowers right in your own kitchen or lanai … organically and easily. Now you can eat all the healthy organic produce you love. Not only will it taste better and be better for you; you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you did it with your own hands.

Here are all the answers you need to grow nutrition and beauty in your own windowsills. You can grow year round with no backbreaking work, no weeds, and practically no pests to eat your goodies.

Bless this kitchen garden.
May the foods I grow strengthen my body and free my soul.

A note from the author:
“All the information you need to get started is right here in this easy-to-read, easy-to-use book. If you have additional questions, you are invited to contact me at happy gardening”!

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