The Gift of Touch - Massage and Energy Healing

Authored by Jay North

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The Gift of Touch is a unique encyclopedia of healing modalities meant for beginners and experts alike. Walking you through step by step into tried and tested healing modalities, tirelessly perfected after 35 years of hands on experience.

Many of life’s problems result from the stagnation of negative energy pattering within the body. Learning to wrangle and release these stumbling blocks to good health is key to any long term health and vital life success.

Achieve the types of mental peace that many others only dream of, “Massage and Energy Healing”, puts all of these tools at your finger tips. Written by a person who has seen it work for thousands of happy people, we know that these methods can also be of great assistance to you in your journey through life.

Pick up a copy today, and bury those skeletons in the closet once and for all!
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