NEW! // Authored by Jay North


Paperback and Kindle Edition, 25 Full Color Illustrations, For Children and Adventurers

Tiny Blue Blob and Baby Red Lou set off on an extensive adventure to find truth, whatever that may be. They come across many peoples and places with different ideas of truth, and it has its challenges and its spectacular rewards, amid the heart of nature, and its outskirts, civilization. 25 Full Color Illustrations


“Two rather precocious lads- Tiny Blue Blob and Baby Red Lou, friends bonded from the time of birth, heard rumors during their young lives of fulfilling their life desires and destiny. Nothing so bold had ever been considered in the land of Oshkosh before. None of Oshkosh inhabitants ever thought of leaving their land, not one in the long history of Oshkosh had the people considered something different for their own lives.”


One Response to NEW 2021 From the Land of OshKosh, Tiny Blue Bob and Baby Red Lou Arrive

  1. Sharlene Weston says:

    What a fabulous idea for a book; and should be of interest to all ages…..I’ve always enjoyed your books…good writer and interesting subjects for your books…Thank you for sharing. I hope I’ll be able to purchase the book….Have to ask my son first, hope he says “yes”….

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