NEW! // Authored by Jay North


With sincere appreciation for your patronage, I offer you these unique tried and true- real ways to earn money far past what your job will allow you to earn. Fact is- you can make all the money you desire-if you will apply simple business practice to make your chosen field a success and earn all the money you truly want. 2nd fact is you will never have the freedom, independence or opportunity to succeed in a dead end job– unless you are a high paid CEO or high tech pro for a major corporation.

What I have to share with you in the contents of this short list-but far more than other such list is the validity of the information contained with in. Through out my career in business I have helped and witnessed 100’s of individuals succeed in their chosen field(s). If you choose a field that you love and can be of service in, you will succeed by applying stand business practices with faith, allowance and perseverance. Nothing happens by chance!


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