Open Spaces: My Life with Leonard J. Mountain Chief - Blackfeet Elder, Northwest Montana

NEWLY REVISED EDITION! // Authored by Jay North

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Many books have been written regarding the ancient ways of the Native American tribes, but none of which have offered such a gripping and detailed account of this ritualistic lifestyle like Open Spaces, an unphathomable literary experience recounting Jay’s heart wrenching experiences with Leonard J. Mountain Chief, a Blackfeet elder…

Come into Open Spaces; come out transformed!

Follow along as Jay North rekindles the mystical experiences of this enigmatic tribe, and be privy to some of the first outsider information ever brought to light regarding their ancient rituals, ceremonies, traditions, and cultural heritage.

The new millennium has garnered massive publicity in recent years, as changes are happening rapidly. Let Jay take you step by step through the Blackfoot theology surrounding these interesting days, contemporary Native conclusions’ that could offer great benefit to mankind today to help guide us into a new future-worldwide.

Open Spaces; Life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief is revealing such information in his humble attempt help the people of the world to get back in touch with themselves; during these crucial moments of human regeneration…  Only by moving backwards towards the ways of old, can we step into a positive future.  Leonard J. Mountain possesses ancient wisdom which has been put into a modern context in hopes of helping modern civilization rediscover its roots, and how to live more in tune with nature, ourselves and our earth.

What is the essence of life?  Who and what can help the planet at this time?  How can I take part in the healing process?  These are all questions we hope to answer for you within.  Leonard J Mountain is a Blackfeet elder from Northern Montana, and Jay North his adopted son is an active author, outdoors-man, and philanthropist.  In a world where nothing is certain, the stillness of the moment is all we possess… Let this book guide you towards a new center within, a center that will help not only balance you, but balance the workings of the world.

Excerpt review:

Thank you, Jay North, for sharing your experiences with Chief Leonard with us. How blessed you were to have them! Every Spiritual Seeker should read this book and become enlightened by it. I find in it… Truth, the world needs to read this book. Jim Carey

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