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This book goes really nice with the class I am taking. One of the things I’ve learn from the class is that you have to be emotionally and physically balanced. So self care and self healing are extremely paramount. . There is so much useful information in the book it seems overwhelming at first, but as I have explored it little by little, it always amazes me that even when I use its techniques when I feel good, I feel even better! And I have seen that when I have been feeling awful, that it helps so much! This book provides so much useful information for over all feeling better and serves as a great aid to how help your family to feel better on a daily basis. I highly recommend it! It would be really awesome to have this book on DVD or CD, but maybe that will happen in time. Hint…Hint…

Mary Gonzales


I bought this book after being helped with some injuries through a chiropractor who used kinesiology, but this book sat on my shelf for a few years. I had some other chronic issues that nobody that I could find any where, could help fix. These were mainly gall bladder pain in my neck and hip, so I decided to devote time instead to learning this book instead of seeking outside help. I was so tired of pain, that I was desperate to feel better. I spent about an hour every night learning and practicing the suggestions in this book. Much to my delight, my aches, pains, and stiffness melted away in a few weeks. Over time, I have realized that I don’t need to devote as much time every day anymore. The only “problem” with following this book is that I start to feel so good that I stop practicing and eventually the pains and stiffness comes back. So, just devote some time to learn and practice a little every day, and you will feel like you have a new body. Thank you for blessing us with this information, it is truly a “Gift.”


Going through my book now. Just started learning about all this stuff and trying it. I have noticed that the exercises have helped already. There is much to learn about our bodies, how they work and what we can do simply to improve our overall health. This is a gem of a resource. – I’ve used it on myself to alleviate migraine and on my kids who have asthma. I’m shocked that it worked!!! I didn’t have to take a massive dose of pain reliever and my kids’ nebulizer has taken a rest. Every home should have this. Instead of WebMD, every child would benefit from knowing the basics of healing themselves. This FIRST AID holistically done and based on self-knowledge and self-empowerment. I think when I get this down I WILL be teaching it to my children.

A thankful Mom


This book is an excellent tool for maintaining balance & harmony, mentally, emotionally and physically throughout life. By utilizing the suggestions in “The Gift” you are able to change the response patterns of reactions to daily life & the emotional ups & downs, release worry, grief, loneliness, sadness, anger, frustration, impatience, fear & anxiety, stage-fright, pain, sickness, and increase your confidence in your own abilities. These are just a few I have realized since reading it. By using the simple suggestions in this book, the path you experience in the life journey flows more harmoniously. Thus you can think & act from a place of being centered & grounded, being more fully in the present moment. It is a great healing book that will be needed when we no longer will be covered by insurance AND its a book of “laying on of hands” in a sense.

I thank the Author from the bottom of my heart for sharing with us, this gift.


I have had this wonderful book in my body work library for a number of years and recently got it out to read yet again. For anyone who doubts that this stuff works, I would only encourage them to try it to be convinced. I took a weekend workshop with a naturalistic Dr. in Scottsdale, Arizona a couple years ago who practiced this books suggestions and one of the things I remember was them working on a woman in her 40s whos face was “uneven”–quite pulled up on one side. As they worked each day with this lady, the entire class watched in amazement as the patient’s face slowly relaxed, evened out and she looked balanced. It was astonishing. This book is clearly written and easy to use and understand. I would recommend it to anyone interested in taking charge of their own health and well-being.


Absolutely Amazing!!

I will definitely use it for frequent reference though and recommend it highly to anyone looking to improve their life. It’s such a peaceful process and without really having to say much – can lessen pain…physical and emotional. After just trying one suggestion in this book, you will walk away feeling “lighter” with your spirits lifted. I give this book as a gift for friends because it has been nothing less than a gift to me. A good book to help you take care of yourself and family in a world where health care is becoming expensive. Get this book and begin to learn a wonderful alternative healing art.

Gweneth Lockhart
Victoria, BC


This book is very informative and helpful. I thank the author deeply for writing it, along with his other books, and like his other books, this one I can tell a difference already with it. I highly recommend this for those who wish to take their health matters into their own hands. Very clear explanations about the body. Everybody should read it, or have a copy because there is so much that can be learned with this book. Jay North is a wonderful writer and explains things in a way that anyone can relate to and understand. He always delivers in such a way that your views will never be the same. Now I am practicing with myself and my children, with good results. I highly recommend it, to everyone!!!

Nancy Taylor


My first experience using this book for self help was when I was feeling so nauseated and sick that I could hardly walk across the room. I laid in bed just feeling horrible and a friend came over with this book. My first thought was, yeah right, like a book is going to help me feel better. With nothing else to do, but lay there and feel worse, I decided to open it and give it a shot. An hour or so later I got up and felt absolutely fine! I thought – this is magic! To think I could just feel better by just two chapters and that I would harmonize my body and feel better with hardly any effort, no machines, no pills, just me and this little book! I have since used this regularly, as I have found it an especially good way to deal with almost all of the various stresses we regularly confront in modern life. I have to agree.

There is so much useful information in the book it seems overwhelming at first. This self help will aid anyone anywhere. Try it. It’s the best thing you could possibly buy to enrich your health and your life (and everyone’s around you too!)

Kay Cochran
Danville Virginia


In seeking supplemental therapy for my infant son, I came across “The Gift of Touch.” This book presents so much valuable info that it will make your head swim. My son has cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. One of the signs of an approaching seizure is flushed cheeks. Both my wife and I applied the techniques from Chapter 17, Chapter Massage for Babies, and even though our son is not a baby, if we follow the directions when we notice the flushed cheeks, the flushed color leaves his cheeks, and he avoided a seizure. This has worked many times now. If this is the only result from this book, it is worth 1,000 times the cost. It is a miracle.

Steve Whitecomb
Tulsa, Oklahoma


I am so happy to have come across this book. It is like a composition of many different healing approaches that I have been interested in for a long time. I just love it!

It has everything from spirituality education, energy, and the importance of love as a key element of healing, not just personally, but as a world. Such a beautiful master piece. I think everyone should have a copy of this book. If I had the money, I would buy every family a copy. This book just has everything! I am especially interested in the “third eye” knowledge at this point of my life, and studying it. I also take a deep appreciation in being able to be blessed with this book as a mother because of the parts that are applicable for my baby. Thank you to whom wrote this. It is such a blessing to have.

Faith Pedersen
Westchester, Illinois


Upon entering my second year of care giving to my father who is an elder, I found myself drained and exhausted. I felt as though somewhere along this journey I had lost myself. My smile was gone…my laughter was never heard….I was feeling resentment towards the loss of my own life. I was distraught and disappointed in myself for harboring these feelings. Friends recommended that I consult with a Healer. Since I am caring for my father 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this was not an option. Through research, I learned of Jay North, known for his deep, spiritual insight, caring and compassion and successful counsel in altering life paths.
I learned that Jay was willing to consult from afar via telephone. When we first began, I was faced with apprehension as I had never consulted with a Healer. Within a short duration of time, Jay’s sensitive perception and insight into my life and my pain painted a vivid picture of my own reality.

Jay’s consultation provided me with the techniques and guidance I needed to redefine and refocus my pain and negative energy. He stayed with me through my tears and opened a new perspective of positively defining my thought processes. Jay brought strong, positive energy back to my days and restful sleep to my nights. After our first telephone session, I slept in peace through the night for the first time in months. Jay is an exceptional gift to the healing world. He is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about organics and herbs to assist in the physical healing process. He is compassionate and caring. Jay is insightful and perceptive. He is a gentle communicator, however, fully capable of delivering the depth and strength of his convictions. Jay North provides true, spiritual healing.

I am forever grateful for Jay’s incredible gift of healing…….he has given me back my spirit and the strength to continue to care with hope and faith and love. Thank you, Jay, with Gratitude and Appreciation….

The Gift of Touch was an amazing read, far past my expectations.

B. H.
Tonasket, Washington


The Gift of Touch

Although I have studied for many years and learned several healing techniques, I was amazed at the information available in this book. Some of the information was common sense and some of the information was indeed a gift given with love to be shared with others. Jay’s clean writing style encourages one to continue reading, and even rereading sections of his work. Many people learn things and have information and feel it makes them powerful to keep this knowledge to themselves. Jay has learned that sharing knowledge is empowering to others as well as to himself and shares freely. The Gift of Touch includes information that is mainstream, including massage therapy and esoteric, including the aura. This is a book that would compliment any healer’s library and is a wonderful introduction to those wanting more information or just starting their healing path. I am happy to say that I include myself in those that learned from his delightful ‘gift’.

Sandra Alevras
RM/T, Psy.O.


 I will say without a doubt or any reservation whatsoever: The work Jay has done with me over the past ten years has been nothing less than miraculous. In 1995 I was scheduled to have open heart surgery. I met Jay at a health fair in Santa Barbara CA, where he had a booth set up. He did this energy work on me that frankly I don’t understand well. Immediately following my doctors informed me for some reason my heart appeared normal! Jay also informed me of some herbal supplements he thought might be helpful and to this day I see Jay about once a month for a tune up and I have never felt better or had more energy than I do now, in my entire life. Thank you Jay!

Jay, you were so right reading the Gift Of Touch made an enormous change in my life, thank you again.

Santa Barbara, CA


The universe is benevolent and brought Jay North into my life ten years ago in Santa Barbara where he worked with me as a healing practitioner and involved in active alternative health community. Jay assisted me numerous times throughout the years with his energy work that benefited me greatly in achieving balance in mind, body and spirit. Jay is a wealth of experience and knowledge in the healing arts and will continue his path in generously assisting those in need. I am seriously grateful to Jay for his dedication to his work. Finally, I have read most of Jay’s books and think the world would benefit greatly by doing so as well.

When Jay first introduced me to The Gift Of Touch I was skeptical, as this work was all new to me. But, I must say this book, and the knowledge contained in it, saved my life.

Susan Del Nagro
Ojai, Ca


I have known Jay and have been using his services for over twenty years. He has always continued to grow and add to his wide list of helpful positive actions. I have found his work to be nothing short of supernatural.

Jay’s book the Gift Of Touch is full of new and interesting information. I did not think I would understand it or be able to relate. It is written in easy to use data and it works. Thank you so much Jay for your work.

Jim Anderson, Taos
New Mexico


God bless you for the wonderful work and your spirit, you are amazing.

Marion Rosenberg
Chicago IL.

The Book The Gift Of Touch not only changed my life but saved it as well. Many blessings may you keep up the work and share this with as many people as possible.


Dear Man of the Journey:

Thank you dear soul, for sharing more of your work…of who you are….in visions and words.

You must continue to do your work and share this with the world… and your writing has such clarity and power and potential to touch lives and evoke positive change.

All of our strength and energy needs to be placed upon this journey. There are so many out in the world that needs this. How to make this all work in a very short duration of time? I feel it is a vital need to get this to as many people as possible. I give thanks to you for the generous strength you have provided…. Thank you for sharing with me the gift of touch, it is truly amazing discoveries.

Wilmington DL


I found Jay by chance and thought I’d try him out as I was doing other energy healings but was looking for something that might go a bit deeper and heal me on a deeper level.  All I can say is: be careful what you wish for!  Since I started working with Jay a few weeks ago, I’ve already noticed and felt the immediate effects of his energy healing on my body, spirit and soul.  I believe Jay combines different modalities in order to hone in on exactly what you need and release what you no longer need or have use for.  Through his healings I have been freed of lifetime’s worth of baggage and karmic connection and am already beginning to see how I can live in my own true light without any fear.

Jay also told me that he can only do as much as I am willing to allow.  Based on this, I set my intention to finally “let go” of the junk that I had been holding onto (in this lifetime and others) and which were holding me down.  I took risks and was very open about my issues with Jay and allowed my body and spirit to open up to him as I allowed him complete access to me energetically.  Working in this way with Jay is allowing me to finally come into the light and let go of the darkness which had hold of me.

The only thing I can say to people is, if you want to live in the new world as a being of light, please go to someone like Jay who can assist you greatly in moving into that state.  I also believe that Jay has exceptional integrity as a healer.  He will only do what is good for you and he cares deeply about fellow humans and of the planet. Thank you to Jay! May he continue to live in light and help all of us move into the light and never, ever leave again!

Now after receiving the work and reading The Gift Of Touch I can see how important this work is. God Bless you Jay.



J works magic in the native way and invites you for a remote healing that you need. He has been performing healings and readings since 1968 he is one of the few to demonstrate miraculous healing for over 40 years. Jay is a spiritual practitioner, healer, teacher and published author-we welcome you into sacred ceremony. J has been performing healings and readings since 1968 he is one of the few to demonstrate miraculous healing for over 40 years. He is a spiritual practitioner, healer, teacher and published author- not a Doctor.

He is a spiritual practitioner, healer, teacher and published author- not a Doctor.

He works remotely to assist you with a wide variety of issues; including and not limited to body, mind, spirit healing, love and romance, friendship, career and money issues, past future predictions, major shifts in life, lose, death and whatever you needs and questions. I found reading his books to be as important as receiving assistance from him.

Jan White
Boulder CO


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