Miracles in the Kitchen

The oldest cliché, don’t judge a book by its cover or even by its title, is directly applicable in the case of Miracles in the Kitchen. Yes, extensive miracles exist within the book; however, the reader should be aware not to expect recipes to create that will satiate their hunger, unless theirs is that for knowledge. It is a resource that ought to be found in everyone’s personal library. Every chapter allows the reader to improve themselves through extensive and numerous varieties of modalities. Chose one. Chose them all. Remember, the choice is yours. Free and heal yourself. Determine the process, the approach that feels good to you. Yes, the ball is now in your proverbial court. I love and will continue to utilize this book on my personal journey. Today, I am whole. Thank you.
Laurie A

I took a lot of time reading this book because there was ALOT of useful information in a lot of areas more then I could say. There are so many different areas you can change your life for the better. Read this book and you will see.

I have always believed that proper nutrition is the key to good health and longevity. This book is truly an eye-opener for the complete wellness of mind and body and great health.
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