Walter’s Big Adventure

Walter’s Big Adventure is a great book for kids of all ages.  Read as a children’s book, it’s a delightful story by and about a very cute and surprisingly insightful dog.  On a deeper level, Walter and his human dad, Jay, bring much needed insight regarding our beliefs and our lives in the gilded west.
This is the first book I’ve read by Walter, but I’ve read others by Jay.  Everything he has written is worthy of a big readership–I hope he gets it!

M. F. Sawyer
Author of The Priest Wonho’s Memories of Admiral Yi, Married To Islam, and, most recently, The Shiva Paradox.

Walter’s big Adventure’s by author, Jay North is a charming story that will surely touch your heart… A tale of a man and an adorable dog (that would be Walter) who is truly one special, little guy. Their experiences will make you laugh and at times bring tears, they will make you ponder the mysteries of life, and they will give you those ahha moments but in a fun and light way. It is a book that will reach children of all ages from 5 to 105! The illustrations are wonderful and you will fall in love with Walter when you see him. I highly recommend this book to all.
Jennifer Pfaffroth

Jay, Walter’s book is amazing!
You two have shinned through our town (Ojai) for so many years. I have seen him at play and your former home. He does a wonderful job of telling about your lives together. I laughed I cried, and I could feel the inspiration of him saying come dad we can do this.
I loved the book and hope that thousands, no millions of people read Walter’s Big Adventure, by Walter and his dad.
Give him a big hug for me
Best Wishes
Jessica Torrez, Ojai CA

Jay, who would have ever thought your pet Walter, could open my eyes and heart. Walter’s Big Adventure is a wonderful book, full of insight and laughter. I wish I was there to watch him float down stream. I find it interesting while most of us search through dozens of manuscripts for enlightenment; Walter seems to have it all figured out. Brilliant yet simple, can I come hang out with him for awhile? He seems to have mastered this game of life. Yes, Walter’s book is a child’s book for adult children of all ages. Thank you Walter and Jay.
Pamela James, Reno NV

Dear Jay, I have traveled the entire globe in search of what Walter sums up in this small, wonderful book.
Thank you “Walter” J.C. Coulter, San Francisco California
For Jay & Walter
I too have found myself in life challenges and on the road searching for truth and enlightenment. Walter seems to have found what I have been looking for. The past twenty some odd years living the life of a wondering gypsy has been filled with hazards and joy, I am grateful to you and Walter for helping me to see the lighter side of being out here alone and confronting mysteries unknown and unsolved. Never the less, Walter is right, there is joy all around us; all we have to do is look.
Wish you both the very best
Jerry Adams, Currently Santa Barbara CA.

I have never been quite so taken by this “Vicarious” but delightful adventure these two have lived, Daddy Jay & Walter of course, and now we are able to read and share. It captures not only a child but the inner child within each of us. I look forward to upcoming tales and await in great anticipation. Who couldn’t love “Walter”. Jay keep up the great work, it is such a joy…….
Bobbie Jo Green, North Carolina

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