About The Author: Jay North

Jay North: Published author, organic gardener, and social activist, naturalist. Jay is truly inspirational at appreciating the journey and the roller coaster of life! In the 1980’s and 90’s he was revered worldwide as the Edible Flower Child, partially due to his astonishing success with Paradise Farms and his books regarding organic gardening. Jay is currently enjoying his life as a full time writer.

Jay came into the world knowing exactly what he wanted. He intended to experience life to the fullest; on every level imaginable. His path would eventually expand outward; to include assisting everyone in understanding their own ability to savor and cherish their own life; in love, peace and joy.

Jay’s life experiences are vast. All accepted as a vehicle of growth; regardless of the degree (or lack thereof) of amusement and excitement. He allowed everything without judgment. This is attainable for anyone, says Jay.

Jay arrived on planet Earth in 1949. At the young age of 8, he discovered his love for nature and for the land. At 16, he captured his passion and expressed it eloquently; through his writing of poetry appreciating his beloved Mother Earth.

Jay is the first to admit he may never grow up. In his “adult” years, he has written and has had published several thousand articles, eighteen books and two thousand poems. His interest in writing and in publishing continues. His purpose is to write, to be read and to make a beneficial impact on the planet and all its inhabitants.

To achieve his goal, Jay’s Books and One Globe Press are collaborating to create real and vital change on our planet. One Globe Press is the exclusive, independent publisher of new and bold non-fiction books for the metaphysical, for the new age truth seekers, for the newly awakened, consciousness; as well as, for the novice, intrigued, potential green thumbs.

Jay’s books shed light on important, contemporary issues regarding environmental concerns and anticipated changes on Planet Earth. Jay suggests opportunities that make cutting-edge ideas on healing accessible to a broad audience. With Jay’s extensive and diverse range of subjects; we are proud to publish his books and articles that will facilitate a positive transformation in the conditions on planet Earth. As Leonard J. Mountain Chief (from Open Spaces), Jay’s native mentor would often repeat, “A change has got to come.” Sooner better than later!

The Gift of Touch releases heretofore unknown/unreleased data on natural energy healing.

Miracles In The Kitchen offers tons of vital data on natural healing with foods and supplements that everyone needs to know.

Jay’s books on organic gardening promise to help the brownest thumb turn green.

Getting Started Is for any beginner with desire to get their hands dirty.

Walter’s Big Adventure, a vision quest experience for Jay and Walter to assist people coming together in love, written in a light, fun way that leads seekers to a new awaking that does not scream—this is the only way.

All of Jay’s books can be ordered and downloaded in PDF on his websites www.OneGlobePress.com , and www.GoingOrganic.com in PDF and ordered in hard copy with Amazon’s Books Store, Create Space, and finally (for now) Jay’s Books can be purchased at Kindle.com, EBooks too.

Enjoy Jay’s books—Please send a friend today…

For less than the price of one Starbucks coffee, you can own one of Jay’s Books. Expand your knowledge and not your waistline! Order books in PDF eBooks and save. Anticipate more of Jay’s books including:

What really happened—the true story of the sixties (from the perspective of a avid participant).Dare to live vicariously!

Many Roads Traveled—based on a true story involving the escape of 250 people from Russia, during the revolution.

Walter’s Big Adventure II and III, authored by Walter and Jay.

In Service of Her God—true stories of real service, without a price tag (about Pamela V. North—now, no longer in the physical).

Confessions of a Hollywood Hair Dresser– all true, hilarious antidotes that evolve into the sexiest, true stories and strange events that propel from turmoil and tragedy toward enlightenment and true love in 1971. Better than Shampoo ever fantasized. A work in progress.


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