Somone You Know Will Need This

Someone You Know Will Need This Information

Woo, Jay, you spell it out here. Yes, this seems a little far out but makes so much sense too. I have never trusted big business or our mismanaged government. But, I have to say I never had the knowledge this small book points out. Plus I love you recommendation to drop out and take over.
I will tell a whole bunch of people about this booklet and hopefully people will wake up to what is really going on here.
Good job in spreading the message
Tom H, Santa Barbara. CA

What an incredible little book, packed with information I was never aware of. My goodness Jay where did you get so much data? I agree we need to take back our power and stop giving it up to the evil empire. We need to form groups of likeminded people that will help stop these people and the evil they propitiate on people daily, count me in.
Frank S. CA

Jay-good work, nice to know who these folks really are! I have always known there are forces working against decent hard working American’s and abroad, but I must admit I did not know who they were-until now. I totally agree we must find a way to defeat them and take back our freedom. We must all fight the good fight or become slaves. Nice work Jay I am going to buy 100 copies and give them away for free.
Tony M, CA

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