A Gift From The Goddess

Jay, this small booklet is so cool; I carry it with me daily as a reminder. I have read four of you larger books, Open Spaces, Miracles In the Kitchen, The Gift Of Touch and Create The Life, all I have to say is you are truly amazing and keep up the good work.
Bonnie L. LA, CA

Jay, Gifts from the Goddess is absolutely amazing, I love it and carry it with me everywhere I go. I think if more people had this booklet; the planet would be a more peaceful place. I plan to order the rest of your books very soon. Blessings
Cathy A, Ojai CA

Jay made me ask myself a serious question; how healthy do I want to be and how healthy can my family be? This short book helps to answer so many questions. Very easy to read and understand. Much thanks Jay. I hope you sell millions of copies…
Jain B, CA

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