Getting Started In Organic Gardening

If you have the slightest interest in organic gardening this book is a treasure-trove of knowledge to help the beginner to easily become the master gardener he or she would wish to become. Filled with useful information, I recommend this book to everyone.

I have always made light of my inability to grow anything…”my brown thumb”. With the many simultaneous changes occurring, with myself and with the planet, I was ready to conquer my fear of failure.

I knew the importance of becoming and staying healthy; and the necessity to create a self sufficient lifestyle. My love of nature and mother earth had been reignited. The time has come the walrus said…I was inspired by Jay’s passion. I wanted to feel that way too! The results were life changing. His advice was so simple and precise that organic gardening is made accessible to anyone. I now have the confidence to be a successful organic gardener. The positive externality was my new found love to create beautiful meals from food I grew myself! Now, that is quite a joy!
I am in gratitude to Jay for being the catalyst in my new passions.

The information contained in this small book simply blew me away. It gave me enough information to get started and did not overwhelm me with information I was not ready for. I know I can make based on what I have learned here. Thanks Jay very much, and such a low price too. You are amazing!
J. Caudle, NC

This little book gave me so much more than I expected. How can you get so much information is such a small book? All I can say is you ought to sell millions, people are going to need this book-considering the shape the economy is in.
I will keep you up to date oh how my growing goes, thank you Jay North.
Bob Cook, Albany NY

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