We are living in rather precarious times no doubt

Bringing Homeless Home: the Homelessness Crisis

One may find this short Dissertation Important: Manifest Destiny Finally Revealed

Press Release: from Jay North, Your book is done, now what?

How can young people become great authors?

Stop Trump’s Agenda

The Environment and How Outdoor Enthusiasts Come Into Play

A Fight for Freedom: I wrote this long ago, but the truth does not die!

Open Spaces: My Life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief Blackfeet Elder From Northwest Montana

Press Assistance

Press Release: What Authors need most? READERS!

It Will Never Change Until We Change It!

Jay Will Write It For You Offers Top Notch Book Publishing and Related Services

Letter to the editor; Stop Human Trafficking

A Very Special Spiritual New Year Lies Ahead

What the world needs now is love and MONEY

The best way to get your message across is to hire the best writer for the job

Into The Heart Of The Blackfeet Nation and the Importance of Our Environment

Author Jay North sets out to give away 30 million copies of his book Open Spaces; My Leonard J. Mountain Chief, Blackfeet Elder

Indigenous Native Americans Desperately Need Our Help

Edible Flower Child Turned Bestselling Author

Natives and non-Natives alike have put interest and attention on possible coming events for 2012

How Bestselling Author Jay North Beats Dyslexia

And the band plays on—who will listen?

One Globe Press Reinvents Book Marketing

Open Spaces: Writer Puts His Heart Where His Pen Is

The Virgin Mary Channels Book to Massage Therapist

Organic Farming Minister Jay North One with the Land

A Singular Journey Into The Soul of The BlackFeet Nation

Is Grandpa Naked in the Garden Again?

How Many Farms Can You Fit In One Apartment?

The Self – Employed Woman and Her Marketing Success

The Windowsill Organic Gardener: Organic Growing for the Urban Gardener

Drop out and take over: Self-sufficient farms pop up all over the country

Self – Employed Americans and Marketing Success

Two Acres, Many Millions

A Little Soil, Lots of fun, Loads of Money

Leading Organic Growing Expert and Bestselling Author’s New Book Teaches Newcomers and Experts Alike How to Live Their Dreams Through Organic Farming

“Getting Started in Organic Gardening for Fun and Profit” Teaches Time Honored Gardening Techniques for Self-Sufficiency in Uncertain Times


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