New National Service Offers Assistance to Fledgling Authors
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Ojai CA. 31/July/2014 New National Service Offers Assistance to Fledgling Authors

Jay North bestselling author prides himself in being of service. “That is what my books are all about and I do my best to assistant other authors no matter what stage of their career they are in, I offer 1st class service to help them achieve their personal publishing goals.”

North says “it is not the book that is the major factor in book publishing it is, the marketing plan. Today, more than even publishers want to see a great marketing plan before they even consider the book.”

Jay’s services for writers include recruitment of agent and publisher or assistance in self publishing. Pitch letters to agents and publishers, book marketing plans. Public Relations services, he provides book critique, how to handling sales and distribution, ghostwriting services, editing, book cover design, graphic’s and set up for self publishing. A special feature is-how to make $5000.00 per month with your book utilizing simple sales techniques and how to get started writing for beginners. Jay has been involved in the writing and publishing industry since 1971.

Writers and readers are invited to check out Jays 20 published books at and contact him at [email protected] .

Jay North is an accomplished author, organic gardener and social activist, he has toured the country several times preaching the benefits of loving service.


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