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I never realized that when I took on the endeavor of writing a book, that there would be more to it after I wrote it. I just figured it would sell all by itself. Once I had written it and had it published, it was as if it just sat there in the world collecting dust. I quickly came to realize, no one will buy something they are not aware of. “ How to Make Five Thousand Dollars Per Month Selling Your Book” is a very handy resource book to help you profit from all your hard work, and I am so glad to have come across it. I have a few friends that are writers as well, and some that are interested in becoming published writers. Out of the kindness of my heart I gave my copy away, but then found myself buying another one. It’s a must have & hold onto! From now on, I just direct my friends where to get their own copie, or buy a copy for them as a gift. If you are a writer, this is a must have!

Melinda Antich
Ann Arbor, Michigan


I absolutely love that this book showed me how to make a very nice income from my writing, in just a couple hours a day. After spending all the time I did and money, the last thing I want to do is spend 8 hours a day trying to raise awareness to others so that they will buy it. I really appreciate Jay for writing such a quick, to the point, helpful book for people like us who are writers. This book has really changed my life and given me so much time to do other things I enjoy with my family.

Craig Williams
El Paso, Texas


Coming from an Author who has written and published over 20 books, I had a feeling he knew what he was talking about. I have had the pleasure of reading many of his books, and he in fact inspired me to become a writer myself. I had no clue that he had this book published when I began my journey of writing. It was almost magical because I had written my first book and had it edited and then published and…. then so happened to come across this Book of Jay’s. What perfect timing. I am beginning to wonder if there is anything out there that this author isn’t educated about. This is yet just another inspirational book written by the master of inspiration himself. Thanks Jay North, once again!

Michael Caldwell
Grand Rapids, Minnesota


I think one of the things I enjoyed most about this book is the Authors enlightenment about the reality of money. I have, for quite some time despised it because of the effects I seen it have on some people. But the reality is, just as the author wrote, ( not in the same words) but it is something we have to have to make it in this world. It isn’t that it, itself is a bad thing, it is how people either use it, or allow it to control them. This alone has changed my whole perception. I did missionary work, for no pay, traveling around, and had also written a book myself. But after going through so much hardship and suffering because of my perception of money, and despise for it, I knew something had to change or I was not gonna make it in this world. I swallowed my pride and began trying to figure out what was the best way to go about making money and remembered that I had written a book a few years ago, had it published, yet hadn’t made a single dime from it. I knew my book couldn’t be that bad! So I began looking for ways to sell it, and came across this handy little book. I am so very glad I did because it has changed everything for me. Thank you Jay.

Everett, Washington


Oh my gosh!
I am about ready to have my book published and I went out and got the stuff to set up at a booth at the local weekend markets. I was also setting money aside to pay for the space in order to market and sell my book once it was complete. I just read this book and it recommends NOT doing this. I am so glad I didn’t waste a bunch of money and time doing it. It makes complete sense as to why “not” to try this approach. Going and setting up and trying to do this, would have never reached the audience my book is aimed and and I had never even thought of that! Being a new-bee at this whole writing thing has been quite the experience so far and I can’t wait to see whats ahead. I am so grateful I found this book before I shot myself in the foot. I am also grateful because now my kids have a new lemonade stand, ( the set up I purchased for the weekend booths) and I have money I saved to pay for this booth, that will be able to be put into something else. My kids are grateful too!

Elizabeth Hill
Hartford, Connecticut


This book was a life saver! It is short, yet has a bunch of different ideas on how to market and sell your book that I never had even thought of, nor ever would have. I’m so glad my friend recommended this to me, and I got it. I’m usually always so focused on writing my own stuff and not really motivated in reading others work because I am so focused on my own, but this was a very smart move on my part. Many thanks to the Author of this book, and to my friend who recommended it to me. I would suggest anyone who is thinking of writing a book or who has already, to get this. It will save you a lot of headaches, and give you great & profitable advice.

Art Simmons
Washington, DC


This book is defiantly the most profitable investment I have made yet! It is full of nothing but 100% great advice for the reader. I loved in addition, all the reviews at the end, because I found them to be not only a delight to read, but motivational as well! Listening to all the wonderful things that people had to say to and about Jay North and his work defiantly makes me interested in reading his other work as well. It was also a delight to realize that he writes about so many other topics as well, and I was in awe just learning this. The most inspiring part of all was doing research about his works and realizing that in all he does, it is to help others. What a truly unselfish man who has dedicated his life to help others.

Patricia Matros
Boise, Idaho


I love how Jay gives ideas on approaches to talking with the public because of personally being someone who is terrified of speaking in public. I’m thinking I am going to have to take some of his other advice first as far as praying about this because I am still scared of talking in public. It is more so to crowds, but I know that I have gained a great deal of confidence already in believing that I will get over this issue. I didn’t expect that before reading this, that this was going to be something I would get from it, but I have. I am so happy. I have been suffering with this since I was in High School.

Lori Smith
Albany, Georgia


This great piece of work has opened my eyes to more approaches on making money selling my work and its amazing. I had just stuck to marketing it in social media, and it was helpful. But I have seen a huge increase in sales just by following some of this Authors suggestions, and yet I haven’t tried all of them. I can only imagine the profit I would be getting if I did! I just hope that when I write the other books I plan on writing, that I will be as successful as this writer. If you want to make money selling your book, this is a must have. I know because I have it, I’ve tried some of it, and cause it really works!

Mike Patton
Joplin, Missouri


What a handy little book. This is not something ya just read once, but if you’re serious about selling your book, this is something you’ll want to keep around and refer to often. Im seeing that it actually works simply because of all the reviews in the back, and assuming that the writer has tried these methods. I like that you don’t have to spend long hours every day trying to sell your book, or books as is my case. I guess people can spend a lot of time every day and profit a lot faster, but in my case, after spending so much time writing the books in the first place, its nice to take a break and be able to get some other things done. Much respect to the writer of this book. It is very appreciated.

Dale Berkshire
Fresno, California


Jay, amazing; I never thought of this. I have four books published and on line, but I never dreamed I could make this kind of money with my books. The information you give in this short dissertation is truly incredible. Thank you I will put it to work for my books right away.

Ojai, CA


Outstanding and so simple! It’s been very frustrating being an author and figuring out how to make a living at it. The booklet is very easy to read and to understand. I feel confident I can use this information and in-deed make $5000 per month or as you point out even more. I can’t thank you enough; bless you and thank you for sharing.

James Hamel


Jay, I don’t know why I never thought of this. Its seems amazingly simple and relatively easy to achieve the sales you propose in this short book. You give enough information for any writer that have the desire to succeed in finally selling their books that other routs have not worked. I am going to put this path to sales right away and as you say “make it work.” I feel confident I can do it based on the simplicity and my willingness to allow myself winning at being a writer.

Thank you,
Gail Marsh


At 1st I thought I was crazy buying this booklet for $19.95, but my goodness what a wealth of information. Easy to read and yes easy to apply. I love your quote “a writer writes to be read and rewarded for their work.” I could not agree more, as writers we sometimes forget, we have to eat too. I am going to put these simple principles to work right away, thank you so much Jay, keep up the good work.



WOW, I am blown away! I have been a starving writer for over 10 years and I never thought it could be this easy and so much fun selling my own books. I read every article on the web giving advice, but not was so comprehensive and simple to follow. Your book gave me inspiration direction and told me exactly how to make money selling my book. Plus I have exceeded what you said I could do. Jay, I have rented a new apartment, bought-not a new care but a nice dependable one and my children no longer go without. I can’t thank you enough for the information, direction and can it attitude. I hope you sell a million copies of this book to writers just like me that have been so frustrated with book sales. You are truly a God send.

Gail R.
New Jersey


My goodness Jay! Is it really true, have I finally found a way to make money with my books? Is it really this easy? I thought no, this is to short, to simple! Well I did my 1st week of sales and I am simply without word-I know hard to believe for a writer. Not only will I continue to write, and sell I will enjoy my life knowing I actually have money in my pocket. Really Jay, thank you for this book it changed my life from starving author to a paid author.

James Foster
Austin TX


Well all I have to say is it can’t be this easy to Make $5000 Per Month selling my own book, but I am sure as hell am going t give it a shot. I found your book to be very easy to read and understand and I also understand it’s up to me to make it work. The ideas you present here make it seem very doable and I am going for it, I am sick and tired working for minimum wage and my family deserves a better life. Thanks Jay I will let you know how it goes for me.

Russell M
Tucson AZ


Jay, I can’t believe it! I am actually making money with my books. Truly I only wanted to write because I enjoyed it so much and never really thought about making a living at it. When I found you on the internet I considered buying you book for a week or two and figured what the heck I will spend the $20.00. Oh my what a great investment. So simple so easy and yes I am making money as an author. Tank you Jay for the help, plus I am right now sitting down to purchase four of you other books. I can see how you believe and know you a walking your path and helping so many people in the world, great job, keep it up.

Santa Barbara, CA


Jay, you are an amazing inspiration, as you know I am a writer as well. I have purchased four of you other books and have loved them all. But when this one came out I told myself I needed it and right away. Jay, you know better than anyone else my trials over being a writer and making a living at it. Simply put, it isn’t easy.

When I 1st read the How to make $5000 per month selling books I thought no, this is too simple, can’t be done. Well, then I decided to give it a go and Jay I have to tell you I am making $5000 per WEEK END selling my books. And it’s all because of you and you willingness to share this information for only $20.00.

I don’t know how to thank except to say thank you very much for changing my life from being a poor writer to being a successful one.

May you be blessed in all that you do

Richard R
Ventura, CA


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