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Emergence of the Rainbow Tribe

It is such a pleasure to have come across this book that offers insight and truth about what is corrupting our world, and alternatives on how to live our lives. This book is nothing but pure truth. If we continue to follow the main stream ways offered to us from our banks and Government and ignore the truth, we are going to have no one to blame but ourselves for doing so! Being actively involved with society I am also honored to see that many people are waking up to the corruption at hand and becoming to understand its functions. Not all of them are sure though on what to do to make things better and this book by Jay North offers just that! I would recommend it to everyone interested in becoming a part of the change this world so desperately needs!

Michael Chaney


Once again, Jay North is writing about what he is called to write about, and blesses us all with being published. The truth he writes about has meaning to life and he wishes to share its essence with the readers. What this book does is that it sends a message of hope that people will do SOMETHING in themselves to correct the insane ways of today if they wish there to be future for our children. We can do nothing but benefit our earth by reconnecting with the living Spirit that flows through out nature. All the small minds need opening. All the small hearts need opening. If we can practice the ways of this book, we will be able to help open those small minds and hearts, for a better tomorrow for us all. A billion blessings to Jay North whoever he is, for his beautiful sharing of the truth. We all know that small stones dropped in the water make ever-expanding rings.
Bright Blessings.

Rhonda Vallmere
Flagstaff, Arizona


I just finished this book and I can truly say it is an eye opener! J Mountain Chief certainly does a fantastic job explaining the role of the Rainbow Tribe. He has accomplished doing this in a very humble, beautiful and moving way that speaks to every person that reads it. It is evident in the reviews! I have long felt connected to Native American Spirituality and I believe it is because it is all about truth. People of

Non-native ancestry, you do not have to be Native American to live in the Native American spiritual way, a way that offers healing to Mother Earth, and everyone here. If we continue to live our lives the way the government and banks want us to, we are going to destroy each other, this planet, and everything on it, and for what? Their gain. This was very humbling, insightful and moving to read.

John Dorsey
Terre Haute, Indiana


I would like to rave about how wonderful this work is.

If you are a Christian, a Buddhist, a Catholic, Muslim, or any other religion, please try to keep an open mind. There is so much to learn in this book and put into practice. I have always believed the Native Americans have the spirituality that we all need to take heed to and after reading this book, my beliefs that I had about what was going on in the world was pretty much on the mark. This book also gives us a lot of different ways on how to go about bringing change within ourselves and the world. I hope you chose to purchase this book and get as much knowledge as I did. It has really enhanced my beliefs in the Creator & changed my views about people, animals & nature itself.

Joy Moyer
Memphis, Tennessee


I was so looking forward to this book in the mail after I ordered it, I could hardly wait!
As a lifelong seeker of truth who has recently found myself upon the Red Road, I found J Mountain Chief s’ book to be very profound with many moving firsthand accounts of every day issues we, from all walks of life face in the USA. Jay North’s opens the readers eyes, instructs and guides readers on how to journey about Spirit, Money, Death, Spiritual Path, government, banks, food, and offers ideas to empower the people and children of the earth. This is sure to win over any reader’s heart and spirit by bringing them hope in a world that’s seems to be sad because of the lack of it. Please do yourself and the world a favor and buy a copy for yourself, and one for someone you love.

Trisha Tyler
Chico, California


Jay North does an amazing job showing the reality of the issues we all face today. For so many of us caught up in worldly concerns, the cry of our native soul, our earthborn soul, needs to be recognized and finally brought out of its dark hiding place and into the light. This book goes way beyond discussing Native American spirituality for our information and enlightenment; this gifted author offers something for each and every one of us. Many of us have been taught that we arrive on this planet in a fallen state and return to our Creator only if we are repentant enough. Our life is a sacred gift and we owe it to ourselves, each other and our world to find joyfulness in that gift. When we connect with Mother Earth as our true mother, and cherish all that our Creator has given us, our spirits can awaken from its slumber and know life at its fullest as it was meant to be. Jay offers us a realistic perspective of just about every topic that truly matters.

Bryan Buccholts
Central NJ


Since I read this book, about every day, his words from this book resound in my head because I know what he speaks is true. I had a dream six years before I read Jay’s book and at the time I was in college studying Native American spirituality. Nowhere in any book during my college experience studying this did I find an explanation to the dream, nor did I understand the dream at the time, but I cried while reading this book and running across this part that explained the dream to me. In my dream I seen myself in a circle, holding someone’s hand and we were walking in this circle and who’s ever hand I was holding looked at me and said, “this is how we get forward in life.” Well in Jay’s book, I finally understand. Jay wrote the words of Leonard… “do you see the way the fire burns in a
circular motion?

―So it is with all things in Nature, even you and I. We are here and then we are not. We are there only for a little
while, and then we are elsewhere, forever moving in the four directions of the fire circle.”

Now I understand, and this is how I know what is written within this book is the truth. I praise the creator for all he does, and for these wonderful people who have changed my life by sharing their truth.

When something is shown to you, the universe opens up and that’s exactly what reading this book has done for me.

Brook Vineheart
Rhode Island


To potential readers, worried about the authenticity of this work and its right to speak for Native Americans: This book should be mandatory to be read by every student in public schools when the topic of Native Americans surfaces. Every single year while in school. What they teach instead is complete garbage and lies. If students read this, this would change the world! Like many issues addressed in this book, the education system is just another one that is being governed and children are being taught lies, for banks, corporation and government financial advancement. As long as everyone is numbed down by believing the lies, these big wigs are able to accomplish their goals. This book would NEVER be allowed in schools because it would defeat these goals, and it is a shame!

Cleo Smith
Little Rock, Arkansas


I bought this book because I was interested in the Rainbow Tribes’ way of life, and their belief system. Not only was I enlightened in that aspect, but I gained some insight into the kind of life that I want to live, and the person I want to be. Not only does this book show that strength and tenacity of the Native American People through all their hardship at the hands of the whites, but it brings insight to overcoming human weaknesses, solutions to world issues, but it offers it to all people, including to the very ones that created the hardships in the first place. This book is an outstanding resource for parents and for teachers, journalists, counselors, social workers, or anyone interested in making the world a better place with its offer of wisdom and values for today and for future generations.

Geneva Lee
Austin, Texas


Originally, I wanted to read this book to understand the viewpoints of my Native American friends better, and I had no idea it would teach me as much as it did! This is one of the most enlightening books about not only the native path but everyday interaction. I purchased the book and have re-read and re-read, and so have a few of my Native American friends. For those of native heritage it quietly and forcefully moves you to reawaken your heritage, as I seen it do for my friends, and for others shares
insights into their beliefs. After years of listening to insufferable white postures and Indian writers beating the tom-tom just a bit too loudly, I have finally come upon a writer who has produced a humble, honorable, knowledgeable book that reflects the application of Indian traditions to the situations that all of us face today. This is not a book for the confused seeker, the desperate wannabe in the newest new age philosophy du jour. Rather; it is a book for the caring, thoughtful human being who looks into the heart as well as the mind for guidance on life issues. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to live a better life and help create a better world.

Erin Wheeler


A most timely and important read!
We are at a critical juncture globally whether we accept or deny the facts.
Jay North speaks truth from his big heart. We are wounding the place that gives us life.
Give yourself the gift of reading and sharing this work of intelligence.

Joann R


Oh my goodness! I could not agree more with you on this book Jay. Like Open Spaces it rings of truth though out. My hope is that millions of people will read both books and forever be changed by them.

Not only is Jay North a gifted writer he shares from his heart vitally important data for all time and all ages. I would urge all conscious readers to go to his publisher’s website, purchase Jay books and help change the world for the better.

Thank Jay for all of your important work.

Gail A
Ojai, CA


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