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Thoughts Without Thinking

One of the best I have read – many lessons to learn and reflect on. I also found it comical and very amusing. A few poems I found myself paused for quite some time reflecting on. This therefore is an opportunity to partake of life experiences of an insider who is willing to share his views of God, religion, spirits and interconnectedness of life. The attitude of reverence and respect towards the “Great Mystery” and I am believing that Native Americans cannot comprehend the concept of a wrathful, revengeful God, nor can they understand the concepts of sin and “being saved”. No where ever have I read anything about that. Ever. Its quite re-leaving. They have seen what we have forgotten – that what makes a person harmonious, kind and peaceful is their closeness to Nature which gifts them the power of presence (is it therefore surprising to see that the people who wreak discord in the world are characterized by their disconnectedness from Nature.

Linda Thomas
Springfield, Oregon


For the past few weeks my family and I have been on a journey of discovery. The first week was about discovering Wyoming. While camping and at one with nature, I was able to free my mind of the ties to the illusion of life that man has created and instead, be come reconnected to to the way life should be. I felt connected and at peace. Soon after reading a book I found in WY, I found myself in the Black Hills of South Dakota. There was a calling for me to be there as my interest was piqued to learn more about the way the Indians viewed life.

That is where I discovered a woman selling beads, jewelry, etc. It was as if she called me from across the room without saying a word. She introduced herself and began telling me about the four books she had of yours. I bought them and I cannot tell you how much this book has opened my eyes. It truly has hit home with me in a way I cannot describe. It has helped me see clearly in a way that I have never been able to. I have always felt a connection with nature but this book has helped me reach a new level of discovery. I feel connected in a way I never have before on many different topics of interest that you nailed perfectly. I truly believe that your books could change the world if enough people were exposed to them. With this statement I mean that I believe there is a hunger for something people can attach to and believe in. There are so many of us spiritual people who are turned off to other ways and the man-made organized religions of the world. Especially in light of what the leaders of this country are interpreting religion and using as a tool to keep support in their cause.

Angie Whittman
Bowling Green, Kentucky


I believe that if the words of yours were to reach out to more people, it could cause a monumental change in the lives of the people of the world. Your approach to writing is done perfectly. It does not come across as preaching to the reader. It left the reader to decide if was something they could accept and understand. I find myself so attached to nature. More than ever. I’ve been showing my young children the ways of the Black Foot. It is something they really can relate to.

If you are ever speaking in the Rhode Island State area or on the east coast, please let me know. I’d truly like to thank you in person and ask you a few questions.

Brian Hicks
Rhode Island


Your ability to communicate in this very amusing manner, truly reaches down into the readers soul and makes it so that they can’t help but make them understand your points of view. It has changed me forever. It truly has.
If there is any way I can help you in spreading your message, please let me know. I think it is important for more people to hear about these thoughts. It could be the lever that helps get this world back on track. All of your books have such a powerful message yet are simple enough for all to understand.

May the wisdom of the Great Spirit continue to spread through the words you write and from others who read them.

Blake Smith


What a fantastic way to learn about “the Natural Way.” It is a straight forward and interesting and almost funny, amusing, way of one man’s understanding of The Great Mystery and how he lives his life in relation to that understanding. If you are looking for information from someone who knows where he is in relation to the world and all that is important, love, gardening, poetry, prayer… you will thoroughly enjoy this mystical and spiritual perspective. I have and will continue to enjoy this book and have given it as a gift to several friends who are endeavoring to wind their own way on their spiritual paths.

Sally Bucchannon
Monroe, Michigan


This book is amusingly and obviously the truth of any person who was raised on the reservation or with Natives and yet all can relate to what Jay North has written. I have read the book and found it to be spot on! There are enough books out there written by non Indian people who have no clue about the actual living and being American Indian. I doubt if anyone can imagine the cruel treatment that the people have had to endure, and still do in this so called civilized world. I trust that you will do yourself the honor of reading a book actually written by a man who has lived his life as a Native. This is a quick read because it is so full of truth. It really touched me to read the words that I already knew in my heart and spirit. This man is very blessed and very brilliant.

Tony Bush
North Dekota


The author explains his culture’s love and respect for nature and the environment with a twist of poems, stories, pictures, and deep meaningful quotes., and at the same time provides a fascinating glimpse into Native American spirituality.

His book will make you think and answer many questions for yourself. He gives a much needed perspective to some of the problems that we as a Country/World are living with. Gifts of Truth are found withing the pages of Jay North’s books that help us as individuals make good healing choices for ourselves, the larger world, and the Generations yet to come. A Very good book for those seeking to understand our differences in the world and a way to connect us all. His experiences have led him down a path that is different from others, and he offers alternative ways of thinking from his experiences.

I look forward to reading his other works!

Tiyanna Williams
Rochester NY


Jay North again makes the logical reasonings of the Native American easy to understand. I personally know Jay and he is the person he comes across as in his books. He is straight forward, honest, sincere, kind, & willing to share his knowledge with the world. More of us need to listen to him!! He offers everyone a concise analysis of many of the classic philosophical issues that plague the human condition. For those sincerely seeking to travel the Good Red Road (practicing the American Indian life way), Jay North addresses life’s questions unstintingly and straightforwardly from the deep reserves of Native Wisdom in a very original and classic way in this book. This is a very original book that will become a classic!


Sometimes it takes ‘an outsider’ to remind us that we must first look within to bring about necessary change. Part history lesson, part moral reminder, part poetry, part comic, but 100% real! It has more than a pinch of ‘wake up’ salt in it. this book packs a punch for it’s reader as it hits your heart and makes perfect sense. The reader will finish all of Jay’s works feeling more educated, entertained and enlightened about what really matters in this life. Once again he delivers a book that encourages us to consider a new path with our relationship with Mother Earth by his example. It’s time to wake up our genetic memories as indigenous people of this planet.


I was amazed at the way this book captured me, heart and soul.

It answers so many questions. Answers to questions teachers cannot answer. I bought this book to read to my grandchildren, (9 and 12) so they have a sense of how their lives would have been if they were raised Native American. The qualities covered are: silence, tolerance or acceptance, faith, selflessness, patience, knowledge, peace, organic gardening and wisdom. (Make no mistake, knowledge and wisdom are not the same.) it was a true breath of fresh air! I finished reading this book to them over a weekend, as it was an easy and enjoyable read. It does have some language that might not be appropriate for kiddo’s but I just used different words instead. They were shocked at how none of this is taught in there school. This book prompted a 2 hour discussion with my grandchildren as to “why” these things are not taught! This book changed and inspired them. Well,,, me too!

Betty Zimmerman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


This is not a book I would suggest anyone anticipate reading from beginning to end without stopping. In my opinion a race like that would leave the reader missing most of the best points. The approach I took was to read two chapters a week and trust me, this book is an investment. Not in the time it will take you to read it but rather, because I spent an impressive amount of time thinking about it between chapters. I was engrossed as well as fascinated at the same time. Every time I read some, I felt as if someone had opened the blinds part way on a window, more and more with each chapter. There is more than enough here to make a lasting impact on my life. Everything about it shouts, “I am important book about a significant topics.
Thank you Jay North for producing such great work for us.

Lana Resario
Pewaukee, Wisconsin


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