Seeking Partner for potentially lucrative and important book marketing opportunity.

Times are hard no doubt and contemporary challenges may cause great concern for our survival and the survival for all sentient beings on planet Earth. is poised to successfully market several Jay North books to not only make a profit but to Help Change Conditions On Planet Earth For The Better.

We are seeking a partner, active or silent to help achieve our goals to effectively mass market Jay’s Books, before time runs out to do so.

Your active participation could be just the key that opens the door to saving millions of lives.
“A Change Has Got To Come.” -Leonard J. Mountain Chief

Qualified interest persons should contact Jay directly at [email protected] or call Jay 805-794-9126.

There is an old saying in the booking marketing business, It Only Takes One;
Investor/Partner stands to make good profits.

We have a great and very simple marketing plan; please visit and send a friend today.

Peace in your house,

-Jay & One Globe Press

Jay’s books found at both sites currently in PDF for EBooks delivered directly to your email. see Jay’s Books Page.


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