Press Release

From Jay North-no not Dennis the Menace


We are living in rather precarious times no doubt.

The pandemic brought widespread changes to society in the USA and indeed around the world. Many good folks lost their jobs, homes and are scrambling to figure out what is next.

Might be a good time for folks to become creative and create a new way to earn and be able to pay their own way.

Next, get creative and quick, because what WE are going through just may be a good bit of time before real change happens- that will be beneficial to mankind. Not just mere survival but able to prosper at the same time. The US Department of Commerce in a very heavy book illustrates that here are over fifty five thousand ways to earn a living in the USA. Now that is a lot of data, pick one or two!

There is no point to sitting around and getting depressed over lack of funds. As my grandfather would say

“Get off your ass and go out and make it happen.” He became a millionaire on a hand shake and never learned to speak English. Thing is we all have personal responsibility, and we just get off our asses and go out and make it happen.

If you happen to be a creative type-do what you love and do it with passion. This writer of forty books has managed to create the life I have dreamed of more than a few times and you can too. Thing is Never Give Up.

To hell with everything bad going on in the world today, its in your hands and you can have the world you want now, just have to want it bad enough.

From the heart of Jay North-no not the child star I wish ya’l the very best.



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