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Online Creative Writing Class with Best Selling Author Jay North

If you have always wanted to write a book, a movie or a memoir, this class just might be what you have always been looking for. Hello from Jay North; On Line Creative Writing Class. I will guide you along the way. 10 day fun, easy, informative and innovative method to learning creative writing. A Writing Class With A New Twist!

Creative Writing Class with Bestselling Author Jay North, published by One Globe Press

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Open Spaces: My Life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief.

Come into Open Spaces with intent, reverence and love; read, contemplate and allow the words to resonate. The outcome will inevitably be to come out of Open Spaces transformed! Then, you have the ability help create positive change the condition on planet Earth. Imagine the infinite possibilities.

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• Return To Open Spaces- The Final Chapter

Jay North author of Open Spaces My Life With Leonard J. Mountain Chief finally delivers “Open Spaces The Final Chapter.” Told in terse to leave the reader with enough information to walk their own paths and make their own decisions-just the way Leonard J. Mountain Chief, Blackfeet Elder would want it.

Jay’s path has led him in many directions, as Three Feathers, Bear Watcher, Heart Wide Open and J Mountain Chief; his walk to the unfoldment of the soul continues today.

May these words resonate with what you require to aid in your search for truth and your personal unfoldment of the soul.

Walk in peace

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• I am Bear Watcher Watching Bear Watching Me

Jay the fly fisherman learns how to encounter bears the native way, and many stories ensue.


• From the Land of Oshkosh: Tiny Blue Blob and Baby Red Lou Arrive

Two young boys adventure the world in a genuine search for the true selves, and face the odds. Fully illustrated book.


• Dump your Jobs

An insightful tour of reasonable career paths that can skyrocket someone to success in a new field or business.


• Come Meet the Earth People, A Newly Illustrated Story

An emotional journey through legend into a modern story of the Little People. New Illustrations


• How to Make Five Thousand Dollars Per Month Selling Your Book

So, you took the time to write your book, now comes marketing (sales) of your masterpiece. While there are quite literally 1000’s of routes to your targeted audience, picking one can be tricky and expensive… or cheap if you put on your thinking cap.

What I am going to share with you is Real Life provable results that will sell your book with a little effort on your part. You can in fact earn $5000 per month or more working two hours per day—I do. So can you! I only work 1.5 or 2.5 hours per day. If you happen to be young and aggressive and double or triple the hours I work, just imagine what your sales could be. My writing time is important to me and I work hours I am comfortable with. I do know personally a few writers that work the method of sales I am about share with you that work six hours per day and their sales are outstanding. A few of them found a way to hit the market in a big way and are doing quite well financially. Their names and sales numbers must remain private as they did not want to be interviewed for this short discourse. But, truth is truth! I have found a way to become financially secure by the sale of my own books and it is not at all hard to do.

What you will find in this booklet is a way to get your book in front of hundreds of thousands of readers—with little effort. It is exactly what I do and it pays off daily.

I really do get that there are hundreds of free articles working to convince authors the worldwide web is the only way to go in book sales. If it’s so great ask them to prove it! I only know of two millionaires that got lucky on the net, the rest is spin. I have queried hundreds of authors pushing their books on the net and not one of them is actually selling their books by the means they tell others to do so.If it works so well why aren’t they selling? The fact is, 90% of the businesses that rely on the web for sales fail. Another fact is I make money every day selling my books – and so will you.This is not mass market advertising that can cost a fortune, it is a simple process. Enjoy it and put it to work for your book—you will be happy you did.

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• Emergence of the Rainbow Tribe

New World Rainbow Tribe Order-The Time Has Arrived

Live by the golden rule-live and let live.

People throughout the world today recognize that where ever the IMF, The World Bank, Wall Street and US government policy has gone, mayhem has been left in the wake. Speared on only with power and control the dark side has had control for far too long. But people, real people speared by love peace and harmony will shake the world awake with the New World Rainbow Tribe Order and help reshape freedom and teaching of the Rainbow way to live and let live.

We The New World Rainbow Tribe Order

We proclaim our humanhood, living as free spiritual beings; and we proclaim a new way. Beginning with- live in harmony with planet Earth. Share more, start local groups that have local interest in mind. Stop depending on federalism. Serve and inspire others to service free of change. Make love the key component to all life-Spirit comes into our Life to teach us how to live in unconditional love, its time the message is taken to heart by all peoples worldwide. Utilize methods of cohesive living, discard principles that do not. Retrain police and military to be servants with compassion and understanding. Work together for the common good, not for completion. Work out deference’s with resolution communication not fear, jealousy and hate. Create a monetary system that leaves no one out. Redistribute wealth so that every humanoid on the planet has a decent standard of living. Make changes in laws that treat people with common good and stops punishing people. Create more food sharing programs; get everyone housed in safe and peaceful housing-worldwide. Start more free (non taxed) barter clubs for goods and services. End all wars, develop a department of Peace- allow female school teachers to run it. Take money out of politics, allow each community to govern its self. Re-treat the earth with environmental education for its people and expand recycling around the world. Outlaw game hunting except for food substance purposes-no living thing should be treated as a game animal. Collect and conserve water. Change energy use to free energy gathering and distribute it without charge to consumers. Rid the planet of all nuclear power. Use sun and wind energy to power our homes cars and other transportation. Rid us of GMO’s and make freedom in organic farming a principle. Reestablish the tribe to respect and look after elders. Influence creative thinking in schools, support artist writers and inventors. Let no race creed or religion be left out. Ware rainbow colors daily, laugh sing and dance; the rainbow way has arrived. Raise your children with pure love.

Live in harmony-live and let live. New World Rainbow Tribe Order has arrived, just the way Leonard J. Mountain Chief said it would.

Aho brother’s sisters come into the new sacred way

Jay North aka J. Mountain Chief

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• Thoughts Without Thinking

Bohemia never died it just went on vacation. Alive today with Jay North’s book Thoughts Without Thinking; poems, prose, prayers and processes-because everybody needs one.

Jay shares ups, downs, misery and recovery from suburbitude (suburbia) through this delightful meaningless little discourse of weird thoughts while up in smoke. Read it laugh, cry and as Walter would say “come on the ride of your life.”

This book is dedicated to all writers with nothing better to do.

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• Spirit Filled Prayers and Affirmations: The Process

This booklet is a companion manuscript to Grow Yourself Rich and Create The Life You Have Always Dreamt About. Jay is a native metaphysician who believes deeply in the principles you are about to read here. Enjoy them, use them and create the life you most dearly want.

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• Gift Of Touch

Energy Healing and Massage for the new millennium. The book incorporates previously unrevealed techniques; which will amaze and heal a continuum of challenges, ranging from simplest to the extremely dis-eases. The disorders remedied are of both mind and body.
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• Miracles In The Kitchen

There is absolutely nothing that cannot be cured naturally! This is not a cookbook; so please do not simply judge a book by its cover. This book contains over 1000 natural remedies! You will be surprised and amazed!

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• Walter’s Big Adventure

The book is a pure delight to read and reread. Told from the perspective of Walter, an adorable, sensitive, loving West highland Terrier, his stories are entertaining; while providing a vehicle of spirituality, of enlightenment and of self improvement.

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• How to Grow Cannabis Organically—and Legally

A short, concise booklet provides guidance to anyone with the desire to become a grower. A start up manual created with the capacity to assist in the growing of one’s own medicinal supply. The booklet is full of useful tips and advice..

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• Grow Yourself Rich

The book is actually a marketing manual; not only for organic farmers, but for anyone with a product or service to deliver to the public. A must read for anyone with a dream to succeed.

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• Create The Life You Have Always Dreamt About

This short book will give the reader vital information that “the Secret” neglected to address. This book absolutely guaranteed to profoundly change your prospective on Life and Planning.

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Someone You Know is Going to Need This Information

The current national, global decline is nothing short of overwhelming. The book conveys a short analysis of the causes behind this economic crash. It gives solutions on why and how to create a whole new way to look at doing business, in a harmonious way.

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• How To Cure Cancer

This little booklet can help save lives. It contains simple instructions on how to reach a state of healing and health. If you or if someone you know is in need and in desire of treatment, please read the material. Gain control of your own health and of your life. Keep the faith and belief; you do have the ability to cure yourself. Stop your endless search, this just might be the answer!

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• Getting Started In Organic Gardening: For Fun and Profit

A Step by step guide to assist the novice or the experienced gardener in learning how to turn their passion into tangible money! Who would not desire this result? Ehe universal views are shifting toward self-sufficiency and health. Why not become a part of this culture; while making money

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• Windowsill Gardener; Gardening for the urban grower

Occasionally, clichés can are obsolete. The adage, “Location, location,location” no longer is applicable! Live anywhere, grow whatever you desire! Read the book to find out how!

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• 100 Simple Steps To Perfect Health and Spiritual Fulfillment

A great pocket book resource offers simple guidance; which can be utilized daily, small enough to always carry with you! It is a fun, revolutionary approach to wholeness! Use it in joy, love and peace.

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• How to Cure and Prevent Baldness

The solutions truly work. Thousands of people have benefited from the advice and were able to keep their hair, on their heads, far past sixty! No Bossley’s hair club or infomercial offers these results, for such a small monetary cost! What a novel concept!

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• Gifts from the Goddess

A booklet offers straightforward steps to achieving optimal health and happiness. It helps individuals in severe dis-ease, but can be useful for anyone seeking spiritual growth.

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